We can handle a wide range of dental needs

We pride ourselves on providing excellent dental services that cover many aspects of our patients’ dental needs. We see patients from age 2 to 92. We treat simple fillings and complex full mouth cases. We enjoy helping people with tooth pain and joint pain. We remove teeth and replace teeth with implants. Below, you can explore other services we provide in addition to those centered around Fixing, Replacing, and Protecting teeth.

Dental Surgery

Occasionally, a tooth cannot be restored and must be removed from the mouth. At Forest Acres Dentistry, we routinely remove teeth to create space for restoring smiles with treatment solutions that promote health and longevity of the restoration.

Dentistry for Children

At Forest Acres Dentistry, we are general dentists that provide general and family dentistry to patients of all ages, which means our patients’ ages range from 2 to 92. We are able to see and treat many children.

Diagnostic Imaging

A picture is worth a thousand words. At Forest Acres Dentistry, we have invested in state of the art imaging technology to better serve our patients. We can learn detailed information about the health of your teeth, jaws, and TMJ and instantly share and discuss that information with you.

Fluoride & Sealants

Fluoride varnish and dental sealants are excellent tools to prevent cavities from ever forming. By being proactive, we can protect teeth before decay occurs to increase the longevity of every tooth.


Anxious patients no longer have to be afraid of the dentist. The dental care you need can be completed while you are completely relaxed and comfortable. It IS possible for you to smile with confidence and chew without pain.