Sedation Dentistry—You No Longer Have to Be Afraid

Anxious patients no longer have to be afraid of the dentist. The dental care you need can be completed while you are completely relaxed and comfortable. It IS possible for you to smile with confidence and chew without pain.

Oral sedation dentistry is the use of oral sedation medications administered before (and sometimes during) a dental procedure to relax and calm the dental patient.

Sedation dentistry

There are many benefits to oral sedation dentistry. Sedation with oral medications means there are no needles. You do not actually sleep during treatment, but you will be sedated enough to feel utterly relaxed. By the next day, most patients remember little-to-nothing of the time they spent in the dental chair. The memories of the office’s sights, sounds and smells –which can often be unpleasant to people – will be gone.

With sedation dentistry, time seems to pass very quickly, so hours feel like minutes. Oral sedation enables your dentist to work more efficiently and complete more treatment in fewer visits. It’s a great option if you need a large amount of dental care completed at one time. Many dental procedures can be completed with the help of sedation dentistry, including crown work, extractions, filling cavities, root canals, gum care, and typical hygiene.


After a consultation and health history review are completed, you and Dr. Wingate will decide on a treatment plan that’s right for you. He will select the best oral sedation medications and doses to meet your individual needs. Often a pill is given to take the night before the appointment and/or one hour prior. You will then arrive with your companion at the office already feeling relaxed. Once there, Dr. Wingate will decide whether or not to administer more medication.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide has been a mainstay of sedation dentistry for decades and is still the most frequently employed sedation technique today. Also known as “laughing gas”, nitrous oxide is commonly used because it is both quick and fully reversible. Within a few minutes a calm feeling spreads through the body and the dental procedure can begin with the patient completely relaxed. Nitrous oxide allows the dentist to alter the depth of sedation from minute to minute. After the gas is stopped, the patient will return to normal within minutes. You will be able to safely drive yourself home and will not need an escort. Nitrous oxide is very safe with relatively few side effects.

Who Can Benefit From Oral Sedation Dentistry?

People who:

  • Suffer from dental phobia or anxiety
  • Experienced traumatic past dental treatments
  • Do not get numb easily
  • Have extremely sensitive teeth
  • Need a large amount of dental work completed
  • Gag easily
  • Fear needles
  • Dislike the sights, sounds, and smells associated with dental treatment
  • Are embarrassed about the amount of dental work needed

Common Questions:

Q: Will I be unconscious?
A: No. You will be in an extremely relaxed state and will most likely not remember the appointment. However, you will be conscious and responsive the entire time.

Q: Will I be monitored?
A: Yes, at all times. Your vital signs will be taken throughout the sedation appointment. One of our team members will always be with you.

Q: Will someone need to accompany me to my appointment?
A: Yes, you will need a companion to drive you to and from your appointment.

Q: How long will I remain sedated after my appointment?
A: Each person’s recovery time is different based on their body as well as the medications and dosages used. Plan on relaxing at home for the remainder of the day after your appointment. Have your companion stay with you until you are fully recovered.

Have a question or want to make an appointment?

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